Business water

Introducing the wholesale tracker tariff.


As a business owner you want to just get on with running your business knowing that your costs are low and that you are paying a fair price for the services you receive.

But how often do you go to look for new rates for your utilities and end up spending hours trawling through a myriad of complex tariffs.

The wholesale tracker tariff makes sure you get the cheapest possible rates for your water and wastewater services.

The water supplier simply passes the wholesale rates through to you and then charges you one small fixed fee for your customer service, metering and billing services. You can now see the value you are getting whilst always paying the cheapest unit rates possible!

As the wholesale price of water doesn't fluctuate like the energy prices do you can't lose out!

And, if you have more than one site, all of your sites can be grouped together saving you even more money.

SMEs in the UK are saving by switching their water and waste services. Join them now!